❤️ I really appreciate the kind words. I’m always a bit off, some weeks are just worst than others. I don’t think I’ve ever explained exactly why I have PTSD (because it’s very personal) but I have a lot of “triggers” which also why I’m so “selective” with the blogs I follow. I appreciate all the messages and comments I get though. I would love to do some sort of tutorials in the future if I can invest in some proper lighting, haha.

I love hearing from everybody on here, even if we aren’t mutual. Feel free to kik me at any time (let me know who you are though otherwise I’ll just ignore you.) Mental hospitals seem very scary but are very helpful when you get to a certain point. Maybe I’ll be able to do outpatient for a few days instead. Either way I don’t plan on giving up, just hiccups in the grand scheme of things.

Been having a rough week and my therapist thinks I should go to the hospital. I need a med change for sure. I’m not sure what’s going on but if I go this will be my third hospitalization this year. We talked before about me applying for disability but I’ve been feeling very weird about it because there is nothing PHYSICALLY wrong with me. But this is stopping me from working like a normal person. I am so beyond frustrated, guys. Nobody has any idea how hard I’m trying.

I hate having skin checks done. Last time I went in there were some male patients yelling at me from the hallway when I was having mine done. If I actually go I’ll be out by tuesday probably. I always have my queue set for situations like this now.

I just put all the draw strings back in my hoodies too sheesh.

It’s cold down here though.

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